What Makes A Great Aromatherapy Website?


When I sat down several months ago to begin the creative process of rebuilding the Floracopeia website, one of the first things I did was surf the net to find and analyze as many different aromatherapy and essentail oil based websites as I could find. While I can say that I found a few that I did enjoy, the vast majority of my findings were, in my opinion, mediocre at best.  More than anything, my aromatherapy website research showed me what we did not want to do while creating the new Floracopeia.com.

I found it challenging to find websites that not only carried good products, but also presented themselves in ways that were intelligent, aesthetic and true to what they actually are. Instead, I’ve found that most sites lack a level of sophistication that I personally look for when introducing myself to a brand, company or individual on the web. So when I embarked on the grandiose project of spearheading the creation of the new Floracopeia.com, my vision became one of creating something that has yet to have been done before. I wanted Floracopeia to become the single most impressive, useful and successful ‘aromatherapy’ website on the internet.

(Floracopeia has never quite fit into the ‘aromatherapy‘ mold, and yet, we are an aromatherapy based company. In the past we’ve actually gone out of our way to avoid the ‘aromatherapy’ terminology to describe Floracopeia. We wanted to avoid being boxed in with many other brands on the market  that claim to sell ‘aromatherapy’ products but instead have made a mockery of what the word aromatherapy really means)

Fast forward to today…We have not yet accomplished our goal of being the best aromatherapy website on the internet.  As pleased as we are with this new site, we are not even close to being satisfied. Our goal of being the world’s best aromatherapy website is not going to be based on a comparison to any other website or anyone elses standards.

Achieving our goal will not be based on sales alone.  It will be based on how well we educate, how we present ourselves and how well we market and sell our products. But even more so, it will be based on innovation and artistry. Not artistry for the sake of artistry, but artistry that translates into knowledge and wisdom that is useful to our customers and increases the enjoyment of their lives. Artistry that inspires an individual to take action…whether that be purchasing an oil or empowering themselves to become more healthy and happy.

Our approach is going to be an approach that will be supported by age old wisdom while tapping uncharted areas of sophistication within our industry. It is an approach that will have to achieve the necessary business success to grow a company while maintaining the beauty, intelligence, integrity, ethics, class and love that the company grew out of.

What do you think? What are the ingredients for a great aromatherapy website?

Leave us your thoughts and comments below…

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