Add a splash of healing color to your bathing routine! This fun recipe, created by Sara Crow, uses pure phytopigments for a little color therapy.

We all know that light enters through our eyes, but did you know that light enters through your skin as well? Color therapy is a holistic health modality that uses color to influence emotions and mental state.

Within color therapy, violet is the highest color in the visible spectrum. It is known as cooling and calming to the senses. Violet relates to intuition, spirituality, inspiration, and wisdom. The traditional color of majesty, it evokes a peaceful and reflective mood.

Adding essential oils and flower essences to the bath completes the therapeutic effect. Dream blend, with its soothing floral bouquet, deeply relaxes the body and mind. Rose Flower Essence Tincture comforts the emotional heart. Illuminate and Tune In flower essences are both powerful tools to open to your inner guidance and strength.

– 1/4 cup organic acai powder
– 2 cups Dead Sea mineral salts (these are very high in nourishing magnesium + other minerals)
– 4 drops of Dream essential oil blend
– 1 dropperful of Rose Flower Essence Tincture
– 1 dropperful of Tune In flower essence

Mix all ingredients together and add to a hot bath.


  1. vesna momcilovic Reply

    where I can find acai powder ?

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hello Vesna!

      You can find these products online.

      Warm Regards!

    • carol Reply

      I found on Amazon

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