VIDEO: The Aromatic Plant That Heals The Earth

Today’s video features a new essential oil offered from an Eco-Project based in Haiti. David Crow shares how one amazing aromatic plant not only produces a soothing oil that is so needed in today’s world, but also restores the Earth where it is planted.

Plants have so much to offer us- they are our food, shelter, medicine and more. The essential oils obtained from plants have a multitude of applications offering us a full range of benefits from the practical to the profound. For this reason we are forever grateful to our allies in the plant word and work to support their efforts.

As you probably know Floracopeia is a company that was inspired by the vision to create high quality essential oils using sustainable, fair trade practices in an effort to improve the quality of life for everyone involved.  We work with distillers who are dedicated to their craft and have a deep relationship with the plants who produce the essential oils distilled. Their efforts work to share the benefits of aromatherapy while creating a lasting botanical legacy for future generations.

We are pleased to offer a top grade Vetiver Essential Oil from a Eco-Project based in Haiti. Click the links below to find out more information.

Visit Floracopeia’s Haitian Vetiver Eco-Project

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