Video: Make Your Own Aromatic Cleaning Products With Floracopeia Essential Oils

These days we are so overwhelmed with chemical exposure that it is essential to keep our homes as chemical free as possible, especially with the rise in reported allergies and chemical sensitivities.

Instead of using toxic cleansers to clean your home, you can make aromatic natural cleansers that can safely and effectively clean your home. The simple recipes below use safe, inexpensive ingredients you already have in your home, and Floracopeia Essential Oils. Watch the videos below and learn how to make these natural, aromatic cleaning products yourself.

DIY Video: Natural Multipurpose Essential Oil Cleaning Spray

This multipurpose cleaning spray is perfect for cleaning glass, counter surfaces, and bathrooms.


This is the best glass cleaner I have found and the smell is so enjoyable. In the kitchen, this blend is perfect for wiping down counters. In the bathroom, this cleanser is the ideal product for cleaning all bathroom surfaces.

Do-It-Yourself Video: Natural Scouring Cleanser

This is a great cleanser for counter tops, sinks and bathrooms.


This cleanser is great for cleaning mold, or removing hard water stains. Just make a paste with water and gently scrub the surface you wish to clean. This cleanser is especially effective in cleaning the bath tub and toilet bowl. Test a patch surface first and remove sea salt from the recipe if it is too abrasive.

These products are not only natural, but they smell wonderful and create a more enjoyable experience when cleaning. Imagine pure pine essential oil fragrance filling your home, instead of that synthetic, car-freshener smell. What about real, refreshing lemon essential oil in your cleaners, instead of the flat chemical version that doesn’t do citrus justice? Not only do the essential oils clean, they also provide additional benefits in supporting our immunity to the germs and viruses we seek to clean from our homes.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Make Your Own Aromatic Cleaning Products With Floracopeia Essential Oils

  1. Sandra Pieper says:

    Hello Maya, It was good to see you again. I haven’t seen you on these videos for a time now and didn’t know if you were still at Floracopeia so I was pleasantly surprised to see you again. I came to one of the retreats several years ago and met you.

    These recipes are really interesting and I will surely try them as I want to go all natural one step at a time. Great video by the way.

    Take care and everyone at Floracopeia have a great fourth of July.


  2. Great! Thanks for reminding me it’s a matter of being inclusive! Autonomy from consumerism, environmental consciousness, care for other sentient beings and pleasure can all be enjoyed!

  3. Love the video for the multipurpose cleaning spray. Very useful. Thanks. Regards

  4. Sheila Sheppard says:

    This looks easy and fun. I’m going to try it!
    Could you put together a video of making a hand cleaner that could replace the antibacterial chemical cleaners? This is now in all the schools and most public places. It would be great to have a recipe for one that could be made for a foaming dispenser!
    Thanks, Sheila

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