Using Cuckoo Flower Essence for Emotional Healing

Cuckoo Flower Essence

Cuckoo Flower: A Flower Essence for the Heart

by Patrick Warner

FlorAlchemy Cuckoo Flower EssencesI recently had the opportunity to use flower essences to effect deep healing in a friend who was experiencing intense feelings left over from his divorce. While it is normal to have strong feelings during and after the ending of a relationship, it can be a bit problematic for such feelings to come up several years later, especially when the person thought they had processed the emotions surrounding the relationship. This friend was caught off guard by the anger, hurt, and resentment surfacing years after his divorce. He and his ex had always had (and still do have) a civil, warm and at times very loving connection in the years after their split. Then, seemingly out of the blue, intense anger and resentment surfaced.

Wild Pansy Flower EssenceAnother facet of this situation was this person’s awareness that he had some questionable boundaries in relating to his ex, mainly felt in the heart. It was at this point that my friend inquired about using flower essences to help with his emotional state. Initially Cuckoo flower was indicated for its ability to soothe and heal the heart. But upon further introspection Wild Pansy presented itself for its ability to heal the past and bring one more firmly into the present. It was clear that the subject was reliving some old feelings from the marriage and not allowing these emotions to process on their own in present time. After just one week of using these two flower essences he experienced an almost total cessation of these debilitating emotions, accompanied by a deep peace felt in his heart. He can now safely interact with his ex-spouse without having blurry boundaries or recurring anger and resentment.

Cuckoo Flower EssenceThe cuckoo flower is a small pink flower that helps with heart-related issues. (For the sake of clarity here, when we refer to the “heart” we are not talking about the physical heart, but that place in our body where we tend to feel intense emotions or feelings. Additionally, we are also referring to the heart chakra, one of the seven energy centers in the body, the concept of which is rooted in yoga teachings.) Pink flowers often act on the heart, helping to create healthy boundaries, heal emotional pain or trauma, or stabilize the heart when intense feelings are encountered. While green is the color classically associated with the heart chakra, pink is a color that is also thought of in connection with the aura of the heart. This pink aura becomes irritated and pushed outside of its usual boundaries when feelings of hurt, anger, grief, etc. are felt with regard to relationship issues.

Viola Tricolor PansyIt is important to understand how flower essences work in promoting healing of the subtle body. For instance, in western medicine a pill is taken to alleviate certain symptoms associated with the disorder causing the symptoms. Unfortunately, this rarely, if ever, removes the disorder at the root of the symptoms. Flower essences ,on the other hand, work to heal the underlying cause. In the above case, the Cuckoo flower essence helped in healing the heart from which the painful feelings were emanating. It created an environment where the heart felt safe and comforted. And the Wild Pansy flower essence helped bring the subject more into the present, where he could address his relationship with his ex-wife and the feelings that resulted. The important thing here is that the flower essences worked on a much deeper level than if they were merely used to remove the symptoms of the heart’s tumult.  As a particular flower essence is used long-term, it tends to work deeper within the soul and psyche, creating the opportunity for profound inner transformation.

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  1. Hello, I am wondering how your coworker took the flower essences. Did he mix them in water to drink or did he inhale them?
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