by David Crow

Dear friends:

In the last week we have traveled from here:


To here:


Needless to say, it has been an amazing journey. We are now focusing our attention on the next phase of our travels, which is making flower essences in Iceland’s very late spring. We will complete our time here with three events in Reykjavik, where we are expecting a nice crowd.

But what about the rest of the Morocco journey? What happened to the other parts of this blog series?

We will soon be launching some of the wonderful products that we found in our travels through Morocco, including freshly distilled neroli, argan oil from the wild trees harvested by the women’s collectives, and one of the finest rose oils I have met from where the Atlas Mountains meet the Sahara Desert.

When we launch these great new oils, we will offer a small ebook with the remainder of the chapters in this series. This will include part eight on the argan forests and the production of the oil; part nine on the journey over the Atlas Mountains; and part ten on our time in Morocco’s Valley of Roses.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the three people who made this trip possible. It is not easy to travel in Morocco, especially when seeking something off the main roads such as distillers doing unique work. It would have been seriously challenging for us to have done this in the way that we have done past explorations such as the Corsica tour, by simply renting a car and looking around; the conditions for travel, the language barriers, the heat and cold, and the foreignness of the culture would have presented many hardships for our first meeting of this intriguing land.

thomas and fazia








Our tour was organized by Thomas and Fazia of Journey Beyond Travel.

You can find them at Thank you both for an excellent time and your dedication to helping us find many unique aromatic treasures off the main routes.

We certainly could not have done this journey without Hamid, our tireless guide, driver, translator and now good friend who made every day not only enjoyable but also very productive.







Thank you Sidi Mohammed Bidbid! It was a great pleasure to meet you and spend seventeen days visiting your country. We hope to return someday soon for more adventures.

To be continued in ebook form…

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