Using the transformative powers of flower essences, essential oils, and aromatic waters, FlorAlchemy™ Botanical Mists clear the energetic and emotional clutter in your aura and environment.

Meadow Mind Mist


Meadow Mind Mist is a potion of lavender and spice kissed by warm Mediterranean soils. It’s a pacifying peace potion that calms, grounds, and centers. Perfect for adults and children, mist this around yourself and your family to remedy stress and overstimulation. Meadow Mind Mist is perfect before sleep to quiet the mind for an easy sleep.

Inner Star Mist

Inner Star Mist calls upon a bouquet of floral essences to let your confidence and authentic self-shine. One of the magical flower essences found in Inner Star Mist is Sea Campion. This flower helps you access the courage needed to reveal your true nature and overcome defensiveness. Inner Star Mist fragrance evokes a summertime stroll surrounded by the aromatic heat of the earth and flowers. Spritz anytime you need a boost of confidence or just want to have more fun being you.

Bliss Misting Potion

pi-bliss-misting-potionWhen life feels heavy, spray Bliss Misting Potion for a dose of levity. This celebratory floral cascade immediately lightens the mood and helps you reconnect with joy and humor. The scent of island paradise, Bliss Misting Potion combines the tropical bouquet of plumeria, ylang ylang, and vanilla. Use Bliss Misting Potion to clear negativity from your space and open space for bliss.

FlorAlchemy botanical mists combine the powers of the earth, flowers, and dew. Influenced by the stars and moon and pure intention, spritz your home and body regularly to bring transformation to your inner and outer space.


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