by Sara Crow, L.Ac.

For many people, feelings of loneliness and disconnection cause great emotional pain and discomfort. These feelings can be the manifestation of a deeper internal state that, over time, can be shifted and healed with flower essences. First, let us look at the definition of loneliness and then the definition of disconnection or ‘feeling alone.’

Defining Loneliness:

1. affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome.

2. destitute of sympathetic or friendly companionship or support; a lonely exile.

3. lone; solitary; without company; companionless.

4. remote from places of human habitation; desolate; unfrequented; bleak: a lonely road.

5. standing apart; isolated: a lonely tower.

Defining Disconnection:

1. the act of disconnecting.

2. the state of being disconnected; lack of connection.

Purple Saxifrage
Purple Saxifrage

Some people have an ancient sense of feeling alone and cut off from others and from life in some deep fundamental way. They feel like something is missing and they may or may not be able to put their finger on exactly what that is. ‘If only I had that thing or person in my life, I wouldn’t feel so lonely’. Often times, that ‘missing thing’ isn’t really the source of the sense of being alone or cut off, but simply a misunderstanding or projection. Over time, bitterness, envy, and resentment start to build as a result of this self-imposed state of separation.

Purple Saxifrage is a beautiful wildflower from Iceland that is primarily indicated for feeling disconnected and ‘cut off’.  Purple Saxifrage is one of the first flowers to arrive every spring, also called winter’s flowers, symbolizing its spiritual action of renewing a sense of connection in desolate times.

Iceland Glacier Lagoon

Our Purple Saxifrage flower essence was made at an otherworldly glacier Lagoon in Iceland. This stunning landscape contains a luminous blue iceberg lagoon surrounded by majestic mountains and a massive ice cap that rises to a height of over 3,000 ft. Here in this special place, plant and animal life thrive due to the unique mixture of elements and abundant food supply provided by the mixing of warmer ocean water and ice melt. This unique environment gives our Purple Saxifrage flower essence a particular quality of abundance and interconnectedness.

This tiny purple beauty opens the heart and holds healing information around our interconnectedness and our unbreakable connection to Source. It helps us to know that we are never alone and that we are always anchored in love. It gives the sense of connecting our individual heart with the Great Divine Heart in a very strong and palpable way.  It heals the heart and helps us to remember that we are never alone or lost and that we are always connected and contained within love.

“Flower Essences can evoke a sense of gratitude and joy in being alive and can break down the walls we have built up around our hearts.”

These walls that were once thought to protect us result in making us feel ‘cut off’ from others and all of life. By tapping into the unconditional love and expansiveness that the heart offers, we naturally expand our perception of what is and what is possible. We can know our deep unbreakable connection to Source and all of life.

Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture is another tool that works to heal the disconnection from our deeper Self.  Similar to Purple Saxifrage Flower Essence, it counteracts feelings of being spiritually isolated and barren. It is a spiritual tonic that helps us to tap into a deeper part of ourselves and it is excellent to support the manifestation of our highest truth and soul directed purpose. By healing the disconnection we might have from ourselves, this, in turn, helps to heal the disconnection we may be experiencing with others. This formula contains Motherwort flower essence to show us how to nourish a deeper part of ourselves and our dreams. It carries a quality of purity and wisdom; engendering compassion, love, and gratitude.

We can also release feelings of loss that may be contributing to feelings of disconnection and abandonment through our Rose Flower Essence Tincture and Trauma Repair Flower Essence Blend.

Rose Flower Essence Tincture comforts, softens and opens the heart. It quiets the mind and gives the gift of remembrance of our essential nature encouraging more ease and love in our lives. It connects and build bridges between our heart and mind, and between ourselves and others. It offers us the opportunity to remove the thorns of past hurts and sanskara and open to sweetness in our lives.

Flower essences, generally speaking, release sanskara. Sanskara refers to the imprints left on the subconscious mind by past experience that color our perceptions, programmed responses and emotional reactions.

Often times sadness, loneliness and ‘numbness’ are the residual of something painful in the past that we haven’t been able to fully release. This can also result in a sense of being  ‘weighed’ down, stuck or traumatized. Alongside our Rose Flower Tincture, another important combination of flowers we can think of is Trauma Repair. Trauma Repair assists to clear, stabilize and soothe emotional trauma by helping to heal and resolve painful memories from the past that may be interfering with present life.  We can use it anytime we are feeling disconnected from the Whole due to ‘closing down’. It stimulates and catalyzes deep healing of un-metabolized experience.

Mind Ease Flower Essence Blend is indicated when our minds get fearful or hyperactive and ‘override’ or ‘pull’ us out of our hearts knowing leading to feelings of separation and disconnection.  There are many important flowers in this formula.

White Trillium in Flower Essences
White Trillium

White Trillium spreads peace throughout our being. Angel’s Trumpet helps us connect with spiritual support. Clematis helps to bring us be more in present time. Freesia and Ice plant helps to free us from superficialities and distractions that keep us separated from our deeper truth.

Our judgments often times create separation. We can shift patterns of seeing ourselves and others in a negative light, moving more into inclusiveness reality full of love and connection. We can begin to look beyond superficial levels of existence to a deeper level of connection with ourselves & Great Spirit. This, in turn, leads to being able to connect with others in a more authentic way.  Feelings of ‘being on the outside looking in’ and ‘holding back’ from fully engaging in life due to fear can be addressed through flower essences.

Inner Judge Flower Essence Blend works to release negativity and patterns of criticalness, resentment, shame, and guilt. By generating more compassion for ourselves and others, the frozen walls that keep us separated begin to melt.

Our Renewal Flower Essence Blend helps heal the pain of separation and loneliness through enhancing the ability to see the gifts and beauty of life. It helps to see new roads and opportunities previously unseen. It supports feelings of wonder, optimism, and renewal in life.

Calendula Flower Essence Tincture generates feelings of connection through its ability to empower us, enhance our connection to nature, and open the channels of receptivity. This formula smoothes out challenged communication in relationships and helps us to really hear another.

Another helpful formula is our Empowerment Flower Essence Blend. It generates a sense that ‘everything is in perfect order’ and helps us to trust more. The Wood Crane’s Bill in this formula, in particular, helps us trust the unfolding of our life and tap into the knowledge that we are always held in love even in the toughest of times.

In explaining the next flower, I want you to conjure up an image of a small child playing joyfully in a flower meadow. You know how many children have the ability to get lost in the joy and wonderment of playing and being themselves? It doesn’t even occur to them to be self-conscious or that someone might be judging them. They are so happy and present inside of themselves. Wild Mountain Avens Flower Essence helps us to remember this state. It holds information helping us to be comfortable being ourselves without the need or concern for validation. This bright energizing flower boosts heart-centered confidence and childlike joy by releasing self-doubt and self-judgment. This inspiring flower essence is very helpful to bring in renewal and fresh energy into one’s life.  It can be thought of if we have been too ego-driven and disconnected from our joy and our heart.

Purple Saxifrage and Wild Mountain Avens, is part of our Icelandic Flower Essence line. It can be used when we feel disconnected from our inner sight and clarity. It is one of the most beautiful jewels of the Icelandic countryside, used traditionally to make wicks for candles and oil lamps. This traditional use points to its spiritual properties and therapeutic qualities as a flower essence. It is a torch of light and hope offering illumination in darker times. It offers a type of unification of inner strengths enhancing stability, hope, and inner resolve.


Curious how flower essences differ from essential oils? Watch Sara Crow's video to learn more and about the therapeutic properties of flower essences:

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