This morning I was greeted with a most enchanting message when I opened my email inbox. The email did not have anything to do with the usual day to day business matters that I am accustomed to receiving each morning.

The message was from David Crow.  He was writing from coastal Ecuador, where he and his lovely wife Sara have traveled to study one of the great aromatic treasures of the global garden, Palo Santo.

Over the next few weeks, David will be sending all of us his dispatches from Ecuador; updates from the Palo Santo Journey. The trip will culminate with a special webcast class David will be teaching from Ecuador entitled, Palo Santo: The Tree of Life. In addition, he will release an exclusive eBook called The Tale of Palo Santo. (To register for the webcast and to receive the dispatches from David’s Palo Santo Journey right to your inbox, enter your info in the webform at the bottom of this email.)

From David’s Email: 

It will soon be two weeks here in Ecuador, ten days with Dante and his family.

Over these ten very full days Sara and I have documented a vast amount of his knowledge and experience while talking with him in the laboratory, in the forest, in his nursery of palo santo trees, in Indian pueblos, over cups of strong Ecuadorian espresso, around his ceremonial fire of palo santo wood, and overlooking spectacular sunsets from the veranda of his thatched octagonal house built around a giant tree trunk. We are only scratching the surface of what he could share with us and the world.

To Be Continued…

After reading David’s email this morning, it became quite obvious that this journey he and Sara have embarked upon is one of incredible importance. It is a journey that we will all benefit from as David transmits the wisdom that he acquires through the upcoming blog posts, webcast class and Palo Santo eBook.

The first of David’s blog posts from ecuador is now published on the MedicineCrow blog.

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