Lavender essential oil is an aromatherapy favorite, as it has an extensive list of uses and an aroma that appeals to almost everyone. For most of us, it is the first essential oil we experience, and for good reason! Lavender is gentle enough to use with children and the elderly, and effective enough to provide deep healing for the mind, body and spirit. What a wonderful combination for both the novice and the experienced aromatherapist!

I use lavender essential oil topically to support skin health whenever an unusual condition arises. Its soothing, cooling qualities make it a great aid in calming heat conditions in the skin. I apply lavender to any blemish, burn, cut or irritation and feel relief instantly. Lavender is a key ingredient in your first aid kit, especially if you have children in your home, as it is the perfect helper to mend an owie on both the physical and emotional level.

I also rely on Lavender to help me navigate stressful situations and keep tension at bay. Any time I have a headache I grab my bottle, and just the smell alone takes the edge off of my discomfort. For quick application, Lavender essential oil can be applied to the temples and back of the neck, or used in direct palm inhalation. Keep a bottle in your car if you find yourself in traffic or are preparing for a long drive. You will be glad you brought it along with you!

Lavender essential oil is a great oil to diffuse in any room and at any time of the day, as it offers a calm clarity that can assist us night or day. I can’t tell you how many times the use of Lavender has helped me through the day and then calmed me for restful sleep during the night! Lavender also supports us in our efforts to stay healthy and balanced.

Floracopeia has a great variety of Lavender essential oils available and I love them all!

Lavender_fine_1_2oz-bottleThe new Wild Lavender Fine Essential Oil from France is incredible. As we know, wild plants produce a stronger, more fragrant essential oil than those cultivated. Imagine the conditions Lavender grown at high altitude (above 8000 ft) endure! These conditions, which require hand harvesting, produce an amazing essential oil.

The Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil is another customer favorite and has all that you expect from a Lavender essential oil. Refreshing, calming with a sweet floral fragrance, this oil is a potent Lavender Essential Oil!

The Lavender Kashmir Essential Oil is another unique, high altitude Lavender oil. This Lavender essential oil is sweet and herbaceous with any even higher content of linalool which enhances its soothing qualities.

A great way to truly get to know lavender is to experience all three varieties. Sit with them and discern their similarities and enjoy their differences. Don’t leave home without your Lavender!

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