The Life-Force Formula


Why is it that many people, in spite of eating healthy organic food, receiving various healing therapies and using the best herbs and supplements, are still not reaching the state of health and happiness that they desire? I’ve been around the ‘natural health’ world for quite some time, and I can honestly say that the majority of folks that I meet are not what I would consider to be extraordinarily healthy people.

The answer is that there is much more to being healthy than what you eat, what herbs and medicines you use and even what lifestyle you live. That which creates a healthy mind and body cannot be diluted to any one thing. Although taking herbs and eating healthy food is certainly a wise thing to do for all of us, it simply does not guarantee a healthy life.

There is a sophistication and a subtley to nature. The human being is designed by mother nature and lives within the realm of of her intelligence. She is what grew you in the womb. She is what is beating your heart in this moment and moving the blood through your veins. She digests your food and eliminates the waste. She constantly takes care of the trillions of processes happening in your body at any given moment. She is the supreme intelligence. She is the animator of your life-force. Our ability to maintain health and happiness is dependant on our ability to synchronize our rhythm with hers.

Nature is based on rhythm and our health is based on how well we synchronize ourselves with the inherent bio-rhythm of nature. Sustained rhythm creates positive momentum. Suddenly, what was once something that required a great amount of effort and struggle, is now effortless and second nature.

Momentum is a very real force of nature and we’re all being influenced by it one way or another. Either we’re creating a momentum in the direction of more energy, more strength and more happiness, or we’re moving in the direction of dis-ease. Depsite doing plenty of good things for yourself, if the crucial amount of momentum and energy is not generated in the direction of your desire, it is very difficult to make impactful and long-lasting changes, both physically and mentally. This is the essence of the Life-Force Formula.

The Life-Force Formula is a powerful class that is the distilled essence of The Complete Course of Ayurveda. This approach to Ayurveda not only teaches you the herbs, foods and therapies that are very important for creating health, it teaches you the underlying art and science of living in harmony with the essence of who you are. It gives you a system and structure for understanding your unique body and mind and shows you how to utilize every aspect of your life as a tool for generating more energy and positive momentum.

I talk more about this in a new video I created. The Life-Force Formula is a free webcast event that you can attend from anywhere in the world. Click the link below to watch the video and register.

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