The Highest Quality Natural Perfume: Attars


Floracopeia has a selection of what we consider to be the finest natural perfumes that you can get. If you aren’t familiar with Attars, they are the traditional perfumes of India. They are laboriously hand-crafted, using ancient distillation methods. These methods, which produce superior grade products, are being abandoned because of competition from cheaper, synthetic, low-quality substitutes.

Because our attars are hand crafted in India using family recipes that go back centuries they are some of our rarer treasures. Sometimes it takes months to get an attar back in stock. Other attars that we have had in the past, we will never be able to get again. We recently received in our order for Hina Attar, Rose Attar and Champa Attar. However we only have a limited stock of these attars so don’t wait to order if you want to give yourself a nice gift. Remember your attar may last you years and since all attars are distilled into a base of sandalwood oil they will only improve with age.

Treat yourself to the one of the finest natural perfumes that money can buy.

Update: For those who have been asking about our Blue Lotus Attar we are pleased to report we should have it back in stock in a month or two. It has been a labor of love and we think you will absolutely love this Blue Lotus Attar.

Here’s a picture of the Attar making process:



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