with David Crow
This presentation will examine the local and global influences affecting sustainability and long-term availability of various aromatic crops and essential oils, including climate change, over-harvesting, increasing demand and loss of biodiversity. We will learn about developments in genetic modifications of essential oil crops and the role these new oils may play in the future. Strategies for long term sustainability and preservation of aromatic species will be discussed, with examples of various success stories from around the world.
April 14th, 8:30 AM, EST


  1. Gisela O'Brien Reply

    I am an avid listener, and have learned a lot. I order all my therapeutic essential oils from Floracopeia because I trust the products

  2. Maria Elisa Reply

    Would love to hear it! I want to help.

  3. Stephanie Grout Reply

    I’m working on a master of environmental economics. You’re presentation could be a full course.

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