The Ultimate Health & Beauty Elixir

There is a flower that surpasses all others in terms of its enduring usage and reputation to significantly impact beauty. A time-honored treasure that cannot be matched in terms of its ability to impact whole body health with its exceptional emphasis on skin appearance, health and radiance.

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Mediterranean Aromatic Journey | May 10th-June 7th, 2012

David and Sara Crow will spend one month visiting the Mediterranean to study with and document the work of distillers and their aromatic plant projects. Follow them on the Medicinecrow blog and the Medicinecrow and Floracopeia Facebook pages as they visit the forests of mastic trees on Sardinia, essential oil distilleries on Crete, helichrysum harvesting on Corsica, and the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.Read more

The Treasure of Rose: A Natural Perfume Beyond Compare

There is no flower that has captivated humanity quite like rose. Its sweet, delicate fragrance inspires feelings of love that range from agape to passion. This flower inspired perfumers to develop technologies to best capture rose essential oil to preserve its alluring fragrance. A natural perfume of rose is hard to come by as there are plenty of synthetic attempts on the market.… Read more