Palo Santo

David Crow on Palo Santo and His Book, Sacred Smoke

Sacred Smoke by David CrowAn excerpt from Sacred Smoke:

“‘Here in Ecuador,’ Dante explains, ‘Palo Santo is sacred, holy, mysterious, and powerful. It is the healer that the people go to when all doctors and medicines have failed. They go directly to the tree. They pray to it. It cures them.’”

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Join us in celebrating the Earth, her abundance of blessings, and the way we can help the Earth, plants, and people through conscious commerce.… Read more

Palo Santo: The Tree of Life – Special Event with David Crow | March 26, 2012

Join David and Sara Crow on their journey to study one of the world’s most intriguing and powerful medicinal trees, Palo Santo. Visit the vast Machalilla Park on the Ecuadorian equator, the tropical dry forest in the heart of Palo Santo’s territory. Meet Dante Bolcato, an Italian alchemist who has devoted the last twelve years to studying and reviving the ancient traditional knowledge and culture of this sacred tree.Read more

Ecuador Palo Santo Journey | February 10th-March 15th, 2012

David and Sara Crow will spend one month in Ecuador working with the distiller of Floracopeia’s Palo Santo oil. Join them on the Medicinecrow blog and the Medicinecrow and Floracopeia Facebook pages as they study and document the ecological harvesting, distilling and replanting of this precious and sacred tree in one its last pristine coastal preserves.Read more

The Palo Santo Journey


This morning I was greeted with a most enchanting message when I opened my email inbox. The email did not have anything to do with the usual day to day business matters that I am accustomed to receiving each morning.

The message was from David Crow. … Read more