Immune Support

New! Legends Blend

We received so many customer requests for this blend — Floracopeia is delighted to finally offer Legends blend, a historically accurate version of “Thieves’ Vinegar,”which was used as protection from epidemics in the Middle Ages. Our proprietary blend has a pleasant, non-medicinal aroma that really works to support your immune system.… Read more

Diffusing Essential Oils For Health And Wellness During Flu Season

It’s that time of year…

Throughout the country, millions of people are struggling to protect themselves from the hardships of winter. The news is filled with flu season stories that can put everyone on edge. While it is important to be proactive, it is counterproductive to be fearful.… Read more

The Best Essential Oils for Immune Protection


Out of all of the healing powers that essential oils possess, perhaps their most well known and common benefit is immune enhancement and protection. Almost all essential oils have some degree of immune protectant power. In fact, an essential oil can be considered the immune system of the plant and serves to protect it from contagion and disease.… Read more