David Crow

David Crow at the Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine in Tempe, Arizona April 10-12

The annual Southwest Conference on Botanical Medicine is presented April 10 – 12, 2015 at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) in Tempe, Arizona. The conference emphasizes botanical therapies for chronic conditions and also features herb walks in the desert. We hope you will join us this year.… Read more

Video: Watch David Crow Introduce The Nectar of Immortelle

This rejuvenative skin serum was discoverd by David and Sara Crow on their tour of Corsica. Watch as David Crow Introduces Floracopeia’s newest and most effective skin care product- The Nectar of Immortelle: Rejuvenative Skin Serum.

Praise for the Nectar of Immortelle from the Floracopeia Staff:

“I have used many expensive skin care regimens over the years, but nothing revives my skin like a drop of Nectar of Immortelle. … Read more

Discovering the Nectar of Immortelle

Sometimes one finds the most incredible treasures in the most unexpected places. In this case, the treasure was off a highway running along the southern coast of Corsica, down a steep and rutted dirt road where cars could not pass without fear of being stranded at the bottom of the ravine, across a small creek, a moderate walk through the forest and then a stroll across an open plateau overlooking fields of helichrysum and beautiful valleys.… Read more

World’s Best Essential Oil: Helichrysum Essential Oil

Why are we calling Floracopeia’s new, wild Helichrysum the world’s #1 healing oil? Watch the video Below.

Buy The World’s Best Helichrysum Essential Oil Now

There are few aromatic treasures as rare and potent as this. It is highly probable that this exquisite new Helichrysum oil will be completely sold out by the week’s end (or sooner).… Read more

Immortelle: Helichrysum Essential Oil

Immortelle by David Crow

(From Beloved Plants)

“How did immortelle come to have its name?” I was once asked.

I don’t know. I don’t want to know. I would prefer to avoid what botanists and historians and linguists might have to say or postulate; I would rather not search for archaic herbal lore that would lead to stories about Napoleon’s infatuation with the perfumed landscape of his Corsican home and other such tiresome and probably inaccurate anecdotes.… Read more

The Elixir of Immortelle: The Quest For the World’s Finest Helichrysum Oil with David Crow | June 27, 2012

Join David Crow for an extraordinary webcast about his recent month-long journey to the Mediterranean in search of aromatic treasures. Accompanied by stunning photographs taken by Sara Crow, David will share stories of their travels through the south of France and to the islands of Corsica and Sardinia, meeting numerous distillers, visiting farms and forests, and learning about the native plants.Read more

Mediterranean Aromatic Journey | May 10th-June 7th, 2012

David and Sara Crow will spend one month visiting the Mediterranean to study with and document the work of distillers and their aromatic plant projects. Follow them on the Medicinecrow blog and the Medicinecrow and Floracopeia Facebook pages as they visit the forests of mastic trees on Sardinia, essential oil distilleries on Crete, helichrysum harvesting on Corsica, and the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.Read more