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Feel good about your footprint this holiday season when you purchase sustainably produced, renewable, organic botanicals for your loved ones. See some of our favorites from The List below!


  1. Golden Beauty Body Créme 
  2. Floral R&R Misting Potion
  3. Radiant Rose Eye Créme
  4. Carpe Diem Diffuser Collection
  5. Holiday Home Diffuser Collection
  6. Daily Essentials Diffuser Collection
  7. Spirit Diffuser Collection
  8. Golden Beauty Body Wash
  9. Relax Blend Roll-on
  10. Rose Flower Essence Tincture

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Using the transformative powers of flower essences, essential oils, and aromatic waters, FlorAlchemy™ Botanical Mists clear the energetic and emotional clutter in your aura and environment.

Meadow Mind Mist


Meadow Mind Mist is a potion of lavender and spice kissed by warm Mediterranean soils. It’s a pacifying peace potion that calms, grounds, and centers.… Read more

by Stephanie McCann

As winter begins shifting towards spring and the days grow longer, the natural world slowly awakens to a lively buzz of excitement. Similarly, we find ourselves emerging from the quietude and slumber of wintertime to greet the invigorating spirit of spring. The cold, damp heaviness of winter can leave us feeling sluggish and melancholy, so it is important to surround ourselves with bright and uplifting energies this time of year.… Read more

with David Crow
This presentation will examine the local and global influences affecting sustainability and long-term availability of various aromatic crops and essential oils, including climate change, over-harvesting, increasing demand and loss of biodiversity. We will learn about developments in genetic modifications of essential oil crops and the role these new oils may play in the future.
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