Manifestation Using Power Plants

Certain plants are perfect for boosting our creative capacity to manifest blessings in our life. I think of manifestation as the utilization of our creative will—an innate function of our foundational Jing energy—and the co-creative partnership we make with these potent plant allies.  In celebration of the New Year, I’m going to share my personal simple manifestation tips utilizing ‘power plants.’

First, I get in touch with a deep part myself by focusing on my heart and determine what I truly would like to see happen.Read more

Flower Essences for a Shifting Planet: Empowerment Through Chaos with Sara Crow | July 25, 2012

This class includes a basic introduction to flower essences and how they differ from other botanicals with a special emphasis on how flower essences can be used to support ourselves during transitional and challenging times. This class touches on how flower essences can be used to address the increasing states of confusion, chaos, overwhelm, anxiety and panic attacks, fear, uncertainty, stress and hypersensitivity now widespread on the planet.Read more