Going back to school is an exciting and stressful time for school-aged children and those who love and care for them. That is why I always bring my essential oils into our Back To School survival routine! As the parent of two special-needs children, age 11 and 12, I have endured the joys and trials of back to school time since my daughter was 3.

It seems as though each fun and exciting part of back to school carries an equal dose of stress. Sometimes I feel like I’m especially overwhelmed, then I see the glazed eyes and shell-shocked looks around, and I know I am not alone. Often I want to walk up to each glassy eyed parent and share my tools with them. I want to hand them a bottle of Lavender essential oil, instruct them to go home, put the it into a diffuser, and let it work its calming magic. Each time I shop with my kids, I come home and immediately fill all of our diffusers with lavender essential oil. The soothing effects counteract all of the bright lights and noises that have set our senses on fire and allow us to calmly appreciate the spoils of the day.

focus_blend__33007_zoom (1)Each year, getting back on track and into a productive homework schedule seems to take forever, so I am excited that Floracopeia is releasing Focus Blend this year. This is a blend of essential oils that have been shown to enhance  alertness and brain function. Lavender is soothing without being sedating.  Peppermint essential oil has long been known to be a mental stimulant. Recent research has shown exciting evidence that Rosemary essential oil enhances cognitive function. Tulsi, or Holy Basil, is an invigorating oil, and Melissa essential oil’s bright scent always enlivens my brain. This year, rather than mixing my own concoction, I will be able to reach for my bottle of Focus Blend. This is going to be my go-to oil every afternoon during this busy school year. It’s like a homework assistant in a bottle!

The kids might grumble a little, but they love the excitement of going back to school. The excitement of finding out who will be in their class and what new friends they might make this year lasts well into the first month of school. I love to see my kids making new friends and re-acquainting with old ones, but we all know that our kids are easy targets for germs those first weeks of school. That is why we diffuse Silver Fir essential oil in our house, from the moment school starts until cold and flu season is finally over. Silver Fir essential oil keeps the air clean and fresh and helps us all to breathe better.

To all of the caretakers and children out there; relax, take a deep, aromatic breath and enjoy the ride. We only get to experience this special time for a few short years. And remember, Winter Break will be here in just 14 weeks!

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  1. Alexandre Reply

    Since my ideas have already been coeervd by others (vanilla and flowers), I started thinking outside the box (as they say).The least silly is putting a container of something nice smelling on a heat source like an old style TV or on top of the fridge. If it was warm enough it would activate the smells.Something a little sillier is to start baking ! There is nothing so yummy as the smell of freshly baked cinnamon rolls or an apple pie.What if you could invent something that would smell pretty when wet, but in a natural, healthy way. Like if you take a shower, when the humidity hit the paint on the walls they gave off a nice gentle smell.Or when the furnace (or air conditioner) kicks in the filter is embedded with a light lemony smell.For really silliness, if they could create a breed of dog or cat that would give off a nice smell when petted But on a more serious note, some people are highly allergic (myself included) to potpourri so I would be careful not to overdo it as it could trigger problems over time, or for visitors.

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