In an effort to provide you with regular updates regarding our international supply chain, we will be regularly posting here on the blog.  Please keep in mind, we are never guaranteed to receive an international package on the date planned, due to customs and other factors.  Any updates here are based on current knowledge.  The situation is changing rapidly world-wide.

For now, we consider ourselves to be an essential service and we are continuing our manufacturing and fulfillment activities, while practicing strict social distancing and sterilization standards.  Non warehouse personnel are working from home to reduce our risk.  Some of our international distillers are not able to continue with their work, or are unable to ship us packages.  We will endeavor to keep you up to date regarding this situation!

  • India has been completely shut down.  However, we our vendors found a way to get us oils.  We should maintain a good stock of these, but may have intermittent outages as it will continue to take longer than normal to resupply.
  • Vetiver – Unfortunately, Haiti is locked down and we are not sure when we’ll get this oil back in stock.
  • Oils are coming out of France, they are not shut down.  However, some of our distillers are experiencing staff shortages.  We feel confident we should be able to get oils from France (such as our Clary Sage) with little to no outages.
  • Palo Santo – Good news, Palo Santo arrived and this very important oil will be available!
  • South African/African oils – We were able to get a shipment from our suppliers, but these oils may be intermittently out of stock as they have very limited staff and it’s currently very challenging to ship from South Africa.
  • Bergamot – Fantastic news – we were able to get a shipment of Bergamot out of Italy.  Stay tuned as we wait for it to clear customs and arrive at our warehouse.
  • Ethiopia (Frankincense) – Our shipment came in.  We have enough Frankincense papyrifera to blend Spirit, but not have enough to bottle this as an individual oil.  We released some as a special, limited release, but will not have more once those bottles are sold.
  • Hojari incense resin – Unfortunately we will not be able to get a replenishment supply at this time.
  • Bulgaria – We just received our shipment, so we will have plenty of Lavender from Bulgaria.
  • Unfortunately all cremes will not be replenished until Mid-May, at the soonest.  We have certain cremes still in stock, but expect them to all be sold out before we get new supplies.

We will let you know as things change!  Thank you for being patient with any supply chain issues, and for continuing to be our loyal customers.  We are so happy to be able to provide high quality natural medicine and education to the world during this difficult time.


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