Staff Favorites of 2013!

Sara Crow’s Favorites:
Living in a dry climate, I’m always looking for ways to nourish the Yin, the essential fluids of the body. Here are some of my favorite ways of keeping my skin and hair hydrated, besides the necessary moistening nutritional foods such as cucumber, chia, coconut, marshmallow, and ghee.

Every morning I fill our aromatherapy diffuser with water and essential oils such as our new Laurel essential oil from Corsica and flower essences of Immortelle, Palo Santo and Salmonberry. By the way, I add flower essences to everything; skin care products, baths, massage oil, drinking water, etc. For those of you who are not familiar with flower essences. They are an odorless energetic preparation of a flower used to nourish and heal the Shen (our emotions, mind, and spirit). I like the feeling of being surrounded by healing floral prana as often as possible!!!

Another effective way of keeping my skin looking great is through pure botanical oils. Here’s my current skin care regime that has made such a huge difference in the appearance of my skin.
1. Apply Rosehip seed oil to the face and neck, massaging in to remove dirt and makeup. Remove with warm, moist washcloth. Using oil to wash the face is an ancient gypsy method of washing the skin that transformed my skin entirely.
2. Spritz face with Rose hydrosol or Neroli hydrosol, a great natural toner. Great on hair too.
3. Apply a few drops of the Nectar of Immortelle Facial Rejuvenation Serum. Simply the best serum I’ve found.
4. Apply a few drops of our Fountain of Youth Skin Repair Serum
5. Rotuma Oil, a traditional Polynesian skin care formula that is simply amazing! This one makes my skin glow and brings out a beautiful radiant tone.
I have found that by adding essential oils and flower essences to the diffuser, consuming the proper nutritional foods, and by using our pure nourishing skin care that these simple steps significantly nourish the Yin fluids leaving my skin looking healthy, hydrated and radiant.


Conor’s Favorites:
I love to burn some palo santo wood chips when I get home from a busy day, as it helps me to transition and calm down. I’ve also been keeping some Hawaiian sandalwood oil in my pocket, and apply it once or twice a day as my fragrance of choice. I’ve been adding half a dozen drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to my laundry loads when they are in the wash to cut down on mildew and keep things fresh!
On another note, I burned my finger recently and dunked it immediately in a cup of ice water with some Fine Lavender Essential Oil and our Helichrysum Blend. It lessened my pain and seems to help speed up the healing!


Nicole’s Favorites:
I love the Jasmine Infused perfume in my hair. After I get out of the shower, I take a few drops and rub it into my hand and massage it into the ends of my hair. It keeps my ends looking and feeling soft and healthy and I can vaguely smell the perfume every time my hair moves through out the day.


Marshall’s Favorites:
Rose Geranium essential oil has a lovely smell. Most people who smell it, want to buy it. Walk ins tend to smell it then add it to their next order.


Kate’s Favorites:
I really enjoy blending about 4-5 drops of the Haitian Vetiver Essential Oil with Clary Sage Essential Oil in my diffuser at home! So delicious and Earthy. I also occasionally bring Lavender Kashmir, Spirit Essential Oil Blend, or Balance Essential Oil Blend into the shower with me and sprinkle about four drops on my body scrubber after there is some soap on it (***keeping it away from my head) … and it is a lovely experience. The entire bathroom also ends up smelling fantastic. At night I often rub my feet in sesame oil and then drop some Lavender essential oil/or Balance Blend onto the bottoms of my feet and rub it around. I then fall asleep incredibly fast. From time to time I also rub a little Rose Infused Marula oil into my hands and then the ends of my hair if it’s feeling especially dry.


Meghan’s Favorites:

When summer comes around I ALWAYS make sure I have a bottle of Flower of the Sun! I keep it it in the fridge, and if myself or my girls get the hint of too much sun, I generously and gently rub some on the sunkissed area–by morning time I can’t think of a time that the sunburn wasn’t gone or almost gone. I also keep peppermint essential oil and helichrysum essential oil around for any insect bites or itchy poison oak-the peppermint does the icy cool thing and the helichrysum plays disappearing magic. I use a bottle of Balance essential oil blend for my deodorant, it really lifts my spirit, I just massage a few drops under my arms after I get out of the shower.


Taya’s Favorites:
I am really enjoying diffusing the new Energize Essential Oil Blend- it is very refreshing when the afternoon lull hits. I also love using Rose Geranium essential oil and Sandalwood essential oil as perfume to smell wonderful and stay cool. This time of year I use hydrosols all the time. They are so cool and refreshing. Keep a bottle in your refrigerator or ice chest to cool you off on hot days. I also second Meghan on the Flower of the Sun- this blend of rosehip and helichrysum is my go-to oil for summer skin care and injuries.


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