Spring is synonymous with cleansing, clearing, and freshening. We’ve put together some of our favorite diffuser blends that evoke pastel blossoms and fresh-cut herbs. These blends pack healing magic for lightening your space, clearing your mind, and inspiring the season of renewal.

Try encouraging deeper emotional and psychological shifts by incorporating a seasonally appropriate flower essence such as Renewal, Purify & Manifest, or Transformation: add a few drops to your diffuser blends and your beverages regularly over a period of weeks.

Field Diffuser Blend

6 drops Carrot Seed essential oil

2 drops Lavender Kashmir essential oil

3 drops White Sage essential oil

3 drops Sweet Orange essential oil


Sprig Diffuser Blend

6 drops Chamomile essential oil

4 drops Juniper Berry essential oil

2 drops Thyme essential oil


Forage  Diffuser Blend

6 drops Rosemary essential oil

4 drops Bergamot essential oil

2 drops Sweet Basil essential oil


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