by David Crow

Dear friends…
Many of you may know that I enjoy meditation practice, and find artistic and spiritual inspiration from contemplating our deep intimacy with nature’s elements. Many times in daily life, filled as it is with worldly responsibilities, I have wondered whether what I am doing is ultimately of any purpose and value, and whether I am on the right path or not; I know that I am not alone in such existential ponderings, nor or they anything new in human life.

I write this because our small company is passing through another phase of challenging growth, when it seems that every day is filled with obstacles to be overcome and problems to be solved. Who knew that such a simple thing as wanting to share some of the beauty from the plant world would entail so many complexities!

But here we are, in service to the aromatic plants and a vision that is being supported by everyone reading this. And each time I find myself longing for the simplicity of a peaceful cave and tea from a campfire, I remember that spiritual practice comes in many forms: patience, diligence, focus, equanimity, dedication.

This week we are celebrating a big accomplishment: moving our inventory back in house after several years of contracting the bottling and shipping to others. We made this move because we outgrew the capacity of our contractor. Along the way, we had many opportunities for spiritual practice.

In the coming weeks we will be celebrating more big accomplishments, including launching a new web site and new software systems that will allow us to provide much higher quality service on all levels.

With these accomplishments, I can see that our diligence and dedication and focus is bearing fruit, all of which is due to your patience and equanimity with our growing pains.

Thank you for your support, from all of us. We invite you to celebrate with us.

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