By Lily Kardon

Botanical massage oils entrance while bringing us into the present moment. They can transport us to an otherworldly realm while anchoring us in sensory experience.

Here are three of our favorite blends for quieting the mind, activating the heart, and awakening the pleasure realm.

We recommend jojoba or marula as a carrier oil for the massage oil blends here. However, feel free to substitute in your preferred neutral oil in any of these recipes.

Instructions: Mix the essential oils into the neutral carrier oil. Blend well, and adjust the proportions if desired.

Moonlit Garden

4 drops Night Blooming Jasmine oil

4 drops Sandalwood oil

2 drops Rose Otto oil

2 drops Cardamom oil

15 mL carrier oil

Sweet Blossom

4 drops Ylang-ylang oil

4 drops Geranium Sur Fleur Rose oil

3 drops Rhododendron oil

15 mL carrier oil

Woodland Evening

3 drops Patchouli oil

4 drops Sandalwood oil

2 drops Cedar oil

4 drops Neroli oil

2 drops Sweet Orange oil

1 oz Marula (or carrier oil of choice)


10-15 drops Dream essential oil blend

1 oz carrier oil


    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi Janice! We recommend mixing a few drops of essential oil in water when diffusing and they will blend as they diffuse. For topical application you may add drops into a carrier oil and let it sit overnight to get an evenly blended formula.

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