By Lily Kardon

Sensual, earthy, sweet. This recipe maximizes the psycho-spiritual properties of botanicals to elevate you to a realm of whole being love. Blossoming Jasmine coaxes your heart open, mystical Sandalwood grounds and exalts, Sweet Orange evokes easy bliss.

Light a candle. Close your eyes, quiet your mind, and smile from your heart.

What You’ll Need:

2 tbsp base material like honey, milk, colloidal oatmeal, or mineral salts

4 drops Jasmine oil (we like Night Blooming)

4 drops Sandalwood oil

2 drops Sweet Orange oil

Dropperful of Hawthorn Flower Essence Tincture or Reconnect Flower Essence

How To:

1) Combine your base with essential oils in a small dish.

2) Mix into bathwater.

3) Add a dropperful of flower essence, being careful not to let the glass dropper touch anything.



  1. Anna Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!!! I love each email I get from you , I am a Nature’s lover with a passion!! Therefore each plant , flower, tree, fruit, vegetable , bird, bee, signify magestic gifts!! I have a question please, do you have any recipes for frankincense orange roller blend? I adore frankincense, orange my favorite citrus oil, sandalwood, rose , those 4 are simply amazing they speak to me!! If you have any blend ideas can you please share? Thank you !!

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hello, Anna. Thank you so much for your kind words and enthusiastic passion for nature and plants! We love that you love these oils and are looking to create your own blend! One of our favorite Frankincense recipes is a Meditation Blend. Meditation Blend: 8 drops frankincense oil, 6 drops sandalwood oil, 3 drops opoponax oil and 3 drops cedar wood oil for diffusion, or in 30 mL of jojoba oil for topical application or direct inhalation. You could absolutely add a few drops of Orange Oil or even sub out one of the oils in the recipe. Please do note, that Orange oils (as well as most citrus oils) can be phototoxic. This means that they should not be applied to the skin in direct sunlight, as they can damage the skin. Feel free to check out our frankincense product pages at for more recipes, as well as our blog. Here is a great recipe page on our blog that includes restorative massage blends that Frankincense and would be great in a roll-on: Restorative Massage Blend Recipes

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