by Lily Kardon

Urban living can be energetically taxing. Overstimulation and disconnect from earth rhythms deplete our stores and bombard our systems.

Botanicals can reverse the negative effects of city life by calming the nervous system and rejuvenating our spirit. With the help of plant allies we can fully enjoy the art, music, and food that make cities such wonderful places to live.

Palo Santo Essential Oil

A calming and grounding oil, with purifying and healing powers.

Flower Fortress
Floral armor to protect body, mind, and soul from invasive energies.

Khus Attar
A grounding blend of Vetiver and Sandalwood to anchor you amidst chaos and excitement.

Floral R&R Misting Potion
A powerful misting spray to instantly calm your home, mind, and aura.

Forest Blend
The scents of the forest reconnect you to the mighty healing power of nature.

Immortelle Cleansing Dew
A nourishing cleanser that fortifies your skin to protect against environmental pollutants.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil
An instant pick-me-up to lighten your mood. Put a few drops on your scarf or collar to brighten subway rides, business meetings and nights out.


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