Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine and Wisdom | Berkeley, CA | March 11, 2011

Principles of Ayurvedic Medicine and Wisdom

 Friday evening: 7 – 9pm

Saturday: 9am – 6pm

Ayurveda is an ancient and highly sophisticated medical system from India, which has made significant contributions to the development of healing arts across Asia. For the layperson and herbalist, Ayurveda’s philosophical depth, vast clinical experience, and physiological accuracy provide a rich source of insights into natural healing methods. The class and workshop will cover the principles of the humoral, energetic, and constitutional theories of Ayurveda as it applies to Western Herbalism.


Cost: Friday evening, $10 pre-registration, $20 at door.

Saturday: $100

Location: Ohlone Center of Herbal Studies, 1250 Addison St. Suite 113, Berkeley, CA 94702

Contact: Anna,


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