4 thoughts on “If You Were A Plant, What Would You Be and Why? with David Crow, L.Ac.

  1. If I were a plant I’d definitely be a tree, although I am very partial to flowers. Being a New England gal, I would choose to be a red maple (Acer Rubrum) with it’s brilliant red foliage in the fall and red buds in the spring. It is tolerant of many soils (I think we could all be a little more tolerant of the many souls). Acer Rubrum is easily transplantable and bears seed in 4 years. I would choose to spread my seed over the landscapes that need rehabilitation so that I could please the common folk, shade the children at rest and lovers could picnic around me. I would also be able to produce maple syrup for someone hungry, if they treated me well. I could even offer medicinal healing as well as feed the squirrels, chipmunks and dear and shelter the birds.
    Yes, I’d happily be a red maple.

  2. Palo Santo would be mine for similar reasons stated by David! I love the wonder of what dominant need brought it into existence and the influential metaphysical history it has and continues to collect, while on the Earth’s ever evolving floor of endless dispensations! OM!
    -Mahananda Love
    THANK YOU DAVID! for the eccentric reverence you bring to the essential oils arena!

  3. I would be sphagnum moss just because I like the feel and wirey look as well as the grey green subtle color. In addition, if I could be two plants, that of course might like each other I would add a beach rose to the mix! The spirit of the fragrance and the easy flapping of the petals in the breeze just make me happy.

  4. Moving from the northern Vermont bioregion to the nw gulf if Mexico in Florida has certaintly given me a new window into a very diverse bioregion.growing up in new England,the chestnuts and beeches were old growth,and plentiful.Being a tree person,this is a difficult question,but have always had an affinity and close connectionthe to the pines,spruces,and the black walnut,as it is known that if a child holds the green husky shell within their hands,they become immune to cancers.but then there is the Jaboticaba…..truly eat tree I meet I greet.thank you.many blessing.

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