Palo Santo: The Tree of Life – Special Event with David Crow | March 26, 2012

Join David and Sara Crow on their journey to study one of the world’s most intriguing and powerful medicinal trees, Palo Santo. Visit the vast Machalilla Park on the Ecuadorian equator, the tropical dry forest in the heart of Palo Santo’s territory. Meet Dante Bolcato, an Italian alchemist who has devoted the last twelve years to studying and reviving the ancient traditional knowledge and culture of this sacred tree. Discover the secrets and mysteries of how the Palo Santo tree lives and dies, when and why it gives its precious oil, how it is distilled and what it can be used for.

Learn about the social and economic benefits this tree offers, the ecological challenges it is facing, and how it is bringing healing to countless people around the world and freedom from poverty for those who are working to preserve it.

When: Monday March 26th, 2012, 6:00pm PST

Where: The MedicineCrow Webcast Page

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