On this tiny remote island with the moon illuminating the starry night sky with its venerable champagne beams, David and I are inspired to explore another nectar for the soul to offer all of you.

Angel's Trumpet
Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s Trumpet, also known as Floripondio (a member of the Brugmansia or Datura genus), with its powerful presence and otherworldly, pure white blossoms, has a strong connection to the spirit world. Traditionally used in South American indigenous culture as a ritualistic hallucinogen for prophecy, divination, and communication with the unseen, this Andean sacred plant opens its immense flowers in the evening and emits an intoxicating, complex, and seductive fragrance, attracting pollinators such as moths and admirers like us.   

Traditionally, this plant was used externally for the skin and joints due to its soothing and heat-reducing properties. It was rarely used in medicinal preparation for internal use, as there are toxicity issues associated with this plant.

Flower essences are unique vibrational preparations of flowers bathed in moonlight or sunlight. To make a flower essence, fresh flowers are placed in a crystal bowl containing spring water and placed in the light of the sun or moon.  The subtle energetic information emitted by the flowers is transferred to the water under the influence of the sun or moonlight.

Flower essences address emotional, mental, and spiritual concerns by stimulating a shift in consciousness or awareness, helping us to release self-defeating patterns of behavior and conditioned ways of perceiving the world.

We stood under the Angel’s Trumpet’s ethereal canopy gathering flowers for our moonlight essence, each suspended blossom momentarily morphing into angelic wings of love, protection and guidance.  In fact, that is exactly what this plant has done for countless individuals throughout time, acting as an escort into inner realms.  As a flower essence, Angel Trumpet takes us on a journey into the heart; it is a beacon illuminating the darkness with ancient wisdom.

Angel Trumpet shows us the primacy of the heart.  As a flower essence, it shows us that we can allow ourselves to be nourished by the inner wisdom of the heart and the spiritual world during times of deep internal shifting, transformation and life transition. It helps us to surrender our self-limiting ideas about ourselves and the world, moving into a more expansive version of ourselves that is more inclusive of our spiritual identity.

Hong Kong Orchid
Hong Kong Orchid

Another flower called out to us — Hong Kong Orchid (Bauhinia blakeana) — a perfect companion to our Angel Trumpet essence. Hong Kong Orchid softens and expands the heart, showing us how to express ourselves fully and experience more love and gratitude in our lives.   

Hong Kong Orchid tree is a member of the genus Bauhinia, possessing large double-lobed, heart-shaped leaves and striking, fragrant, magenta flowers.  Traditionally, its leaf is called “clever leaf”, perhaps referring to the wisdom and intelligence of the heart.

Flowers, the keepers of truth, remind us with their energetic information (flower essence) of our capacity for love, joy, wisdom, and generosity.

Angel’s Trumpet can be found in Floracopeia’s Mind Ease Flower Essence Blend and Hong Kong Orchid is now in our Rose Flower Essence Tincture.

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