Melanie Sachs: The Healing Powers of the Ayurvedic Spa | January 19, 2011

Melanie Sachs: The Healing Powers of the Ayurvedic Spa

Ancient Healing Techniques for the Modern Lifestyle

When: Wednesday January 19th, 2011, 6pm PST

Where: The MedicineCrow Webcast Page or from your phone


While Ayurveda is gaining credibility in the US as a holistic approach to medicine and wellbeing, it has long been recognized internationally through the work of Melanie Sachs as a valuable healing modality in the spa and beauty industry.

Co-author of “Ayurvedic Spa,” Melanie teaches spa treatments with her husband Robert Sachs. Melanie and Robert believe that health through Ayurveda is “ninety-five percent lifestyle based” and should be made easy and affordable to people everywhere. Join Melanie for a presentation about her popular treatments, the modern health conditions they address, and how you can get similar benefits for yourself at home using simple ingredients and general household items.

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