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Moena Oil

Moena oil comes from a medicinal tree native to the Peruvian Amazon, a relative of the Brazilian Rosewood. Therapeutically, it cools and soothes irritated muscles and joints to create bodily comfort. With a grassy, green aroma, it relieves irritability and offers balance for both body and mind.

How to Use Moena Oil:

Camino Verde Eco-Project

Floracopeia’s Moena essential oil, the first distillation of its kind, comes from the nonprofit Camino Verde eco-project. This grassroots reforestation organization is based in the Tambopata rainforest, one of the earth's most biodiverse places. In 2010 it planted 500 Moena trees, and today only harvests lateral branches and leaves pruned to support the trees’ growth and health.

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2 thoughts on “Meet our Peruvian Eco-Project

  1. Mary Campbell says:

    I am looking for something that will relieve nerve pain, I have in the past used peppermint oil mixed with coconut oil and also frankinsence essential oil but it is not giving me enough relief. I want to heal this pain which occurs in my thighs. I am not a diabetic but suffer this pain. Maybe you could suggest something. Thank you

    • Floracopeia says:

      Hello Mary!

      We would recommend a consultation with a licensed practitioner in your area or over the phone. Regrettably, because of strict FDA regulations, we can’t recommend or prescribe any of our products for a specific medical purpose.

      Please let me know if you need help with anything else!

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