Icelandic Dew: Flower Essence Making in Iceland


The Best Flower Essences Come from Pristine Environments

by Sara Crow

Because of the energetic qualities of flower essences and the alchemical mixing of elements that often happens when making floral essences in their natural habitat, I have a strong orientation to sourcing flowers from environments that are ecologically and energetically pure and intact. For me, Iceland is one of these places.


Iceland is a gorgeous otherworldly island that is still pristine and full of prana, what I consider a perfect place for making flower essences. Iceland’s wild lands are bejeweled with dramatic lava formations, waterfalls, glacier lagoons, hot springs, high mountain passes, stunning valleys, and iceberg beaches all rich with folklore about ‘hidden people’ and ‘hidden worlds’ such as fairies, elves, pixies, sprites…my kind of place for floral magic!




What is a Flower Essence?



For those of you new to flower essences, a flower essence is an energetic imprint of a flower that has been captured by water.  Flowers, the reproductive system of a plant, contain highly concentrated life-force energies.  This floral prana is used primarily to address concerns involving the emotions, mind, and soul (see the previous post "What are Flower Essences?").


Making Flower Essences


The principles of flower essence making adhere to the concept that water has the ability to be imprinted with different patterns of information contained in its environment.  Although flower essences are relatively new for most people, this concept of water holding information is quite ancient, and in recent years they are quickly gaining widespread popularity for their efficacy.


iceland flowers


Throughout the centuries, ancient alchemists and various indigenous people knew about the power of dew that forms on plants.  The droplets of water appearing in the early morning light have been collected by people since time immemorial and used for healing and mystical purposes.  For many, floral dew represents Universal Spirit in condensed form and an alchemical elixir of life.  This condensed form of universal prana is thought to carry information about the environment and surrounding ecosystem, including influences of the sun and moon, planetary configurations and especially of the flower on which it condenses.


Flower Essences for Healing


For me, this concept beautifully illustrates why it is important to consider the environment when making flower essences for healing purposes.  We are energetically capturing the environment, both found within the flower itself, as a flower is made of the elemental forces in its environment, and externally in its surroundings.




For me, the goal of flower essence making is to honor this ancient process and capture this universal mixing of elements and energies within a flower. In my mind, a flower essence is imbued with floral, environmental and universal energies, giving it unique qualities that can be used for healing purposes.


common cottongrassFlower essences hold the power and wisdom of nature, providing humanity with a practical and easy tool to address a wide range of concerns. Iceland offers humanity something special in regards to healing: it is a wild, clean and energetically intact environment that produces powerful and effective flower remedies.

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