The recording from Kris Wrede’s class Aromatica Erotica: How To Make A Love Potion is now available. Register & Listen Here.   Here are the love potion recipes from Kris’ class so you can re-create the romantic mystery in your own life. The key is to honor the sacred nature of perfume and to breathe it in…..literally and figuratively every day.  Remember the root word “per-fumem” and think of it when you create a magical offering to the universe.

Love Potion Recipes

All recipes are for 1 ounce/30 ml of jojoba or organic perfumer’s alcohol and are approximately a 20% solution of essential oils to base, which makes them a typical eau de parfum to parfum strength. The recipes can be cut in half or 1/4 for more delicate versions.

Nectar...delicious nectar of the Gods, reminiscent of delirious concoctions prepared by  priest perfumers for millennium.

Orange                        55 drops
Mandarin                     41 drops
Cardamom                  11 drops
Ginger                           8 drops
Jasmine Absolute          7 drops
Sandalwood                19 drops
Vanilla Absolute          13 drops
White Ginger Lily           8 drops
Patchouli                        4 drops

Enamoradasinfully, deliriously deliciously in love

Bergamot                      10 drops
Orange                          48 drops
Neroli (or neroli~petitgrain co-distillation)    32 drops
Rose Otto                        7 drops
Jasmine Absolute          10 drops
Vanilla Absolute            15 drops
Labdanum or Jatamansi/Spikenard 16 drops
Sandalwood                  45 drops
Vetiver                           13 drops

Soiesmooth as silk, deep, dark and spicy.  Redolent of the spice routes and exotic far  away places.
Melissa                                   15 drops
Ylang Ylang Superior Extra    36 drops
Rose Geranium                      30 drops
Rose Absolute                        13 drops
Ginger                                    11 drops
Zdravetz                                 10 drops
Cinnamon                                5 drops

Verdantdeep lush forest, mingled with high citrus and verdant green paths, with an  intense mysterious smokiness

Orange                          20 drops
Mandarin                      16 drops
Neroli-petitgrain           18 drops
Grapefruit                     11 drops
Fir                                    8 drops
Jasmine                         12 drops
Saffron attar                 10 drops
Tagetes/marigold            4 drops
Vanilla Absolute            31 drops
Blue Lotus                       8 drops
Sandalwood                  40 drops
Cardamom                    11 drops
Vetiver                             8 drops

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