Hydrosols are a light and refreshing aromatic water from steam distillation. They’re excellent to freshen any space, cool agitated moods, and for gentle aromatherapy.

Some fun ways to use them:

– Facial mist and toner (we love Rose for reducing redness)

– Pre-sunscreen mist to seal in moisture

– Refreshing yoga mat spray (try Lemongrass!)

– 1 tablespoon mixed with Radiance Skin Clay for a rejuvenating face masque

– Calming spritz for eyes that are tired from too much screen time

– Aromatic hair mist for shine and moisture

– Balancing moontime compress (Rose Geranium works fantastically)

– Clearing and meditation-enhancing room spray

– 1 tablespoon of Frankincense Hydrosol makes a healing mouthwash

– Add ¼ bottle of hydrosol to your baby’s bath to nourish and soothe


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