You know that Floracopeia’s essential oils are irresistible when a perfect stranger follows you through the aisles of a bookstore just to ask which perfume you are wearing.

This is exactly what happened to me. On a lazy Sunday morning, I was strolling mindlessly through the aisles of Barnes and Nobles accompanied by my son. On my way in, my son pulled the door open with too much enthusiasm (ah… to be seven and full of life) and I ended up clumsily bumping into a lady. Somewhere in between the calendars and the books on the secret language of kittens I saw the lady again. I made a quick turn. There she was. I buried my nose in a French dictionary and she reappeared. I was suspicious. I made a quick mental checklist: Blueberry pancake leftovers on my face? No. Mismatched socks? Yes, but how would she know? Alien’s antennae? Very well hidden! I quickly located my son and then veered towards the books on woodworking. Suddenly, she jumped in front of me. Our eyes met, and she said in a tentative voice: “Excuse me, I didn’t mean to startle you but what perfume are you wearing?” And again, before I could utter a response: “You smell like a cookie.” I smiled and for a second contemplated and cherished the sweet compliment. People usually tell me I am a tough cookie….so I was pleasantly surprised to hear this version, as I think it fits my personality much better.

I really wanted to tell her the whole story…Floracopeia, David Crow, the wonderful people, the community, and grassroots health care, but somehow I just couldn’t find the words. I ended up simply whipping out my secret stash and asking her to follow me to the chairs. I did this very ceremoniously, a cross between a magician and a healer, carefully revealing my aromatic treasures all resting peacefully in my own hand-felted-by me little bag. ABRACADABRA. The incantation worked. She was quickly mesmerized.

I had anointed myself before leaving the house with a mixture of dawn blooming jasmine essential oil, rose attar, and green chamomile oil. I proceeded to offer my stranger the same blessings. Over the years I have become really fond of green chamomile because it helps me stop a migraine dead in its tracks, especially when used in an aromatherapy diffuser. I also love the color and think the vivid greenness resonates with the heart chakra.


Back to the stranger… I first let her smell the oils straight from the bottle. Then, I gently mixed a few drops into my left hand and proceeded to anoint her on specific marma points: top of the head, third eye, base of the throat. At the end, I let her put a drop on her heart. Dr.Vasant Lad says that massaging the marma points “activates the body’s inner pharmacy, changing the biochemistry, and can unfold radical, alchemical change in one’s makeup.” More specifically, marmas develop from the Nadis and they distribute the Prana from the Chakras and the Nadis throughout the whole body. We can control our Prana through working on marma points. What better way to do this than with aromatic oils?

There we were; Two perfect strangers sitting underneath fluorescent lights, surrounded by technology (would somebody please answer that phone?), united by an ancient ritual, courtesy of the flowers and the roots. No words were exchanged. They were not needed. We were both enveloped in grace. I quietly smiled at her, and she nodded in silent reciprocation.

I encourage you to anoint yourself today! “To be anointed is, among other things, to be made sacred; to be set apart and dedicated to serve the Divine in all of us; to be endowed with enabling gifts and grace; to be divinely designated, inaugurated, or chosen for some purpose.” (Joni Keim Loughran and Ruah Bull in their book Aromatherapy Anointing Oils: Spiritual Blessings, Ceremonies, and Affirmations available through Amazon).

Please share your anointing recipes with us, and let us know why you think that Floracopeia’s aromatic treasures are irresistible.

Read more about the history of anointing with oil here.

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