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In the age of the internet, it is rare to come across a piece of writing that truly stirs the soul, that moves us in a way that is similar to how we feel when we’ve just heard the song of a superb vocalist, watched a cinematic masterpiece, or tasted the cuisine of a master chef.

Yet, that is how I felt many years ago when I first turned the pages of In Search of the Medicine Buddha (pages that have since been worn out from constant revisiting), and it is also how I felt today when I opened my email and had the good fortune of reading the latest prose born from the mysterious mind of Mr. David Crow.

We released this latest literary work from David today on Floracopeia’s education-based site MedicineCrow.com. It is entitled, Two Pieces on Meditation, Flowers and Magic Pills.

From Two Pieces on Meditation, Flowers and Magic Pills…

“It is late July in the Sierra Nevada, and spring has just arrived in Eagle Meadow. Trees, cliffs and snowfields tower in majestic proportions. Undulating between powerful blasts and soft caresses, the wind flows down the valley, carrying the sounds of birds singing with unusual joy. The sun blazes then hides behind massive translucent formations of weightless ivory drifting regally through the sky. Like nepenthe, the legendary ambrosial intoxicant of ancient Greece that brought sweet relief from sorrow, the intense clarity of the mountain air produces an exhilaration of the heart that lifts the veils from the mind and senses.

Throughout the meadow, wildflowers are growing. Following patterns of water, warmth, wind and earth that only they comprehend, the flowers spread across gentle green contours and along damp rivulets, climbing up embankments, carpeting the forest floor and clinging to cliffs. Golden yellow, blood red orange and flaming bold vermilion, they blossom with ecstatic abandon, exploding their seeds into the waiting mossy soil. Feathery turquoise lilac and pink lavender pearls hide in the shade, while milky rose fuschias dance among myriad shades of coral and white. Around the base of soaring fragrant cedars, incandescent ultraviolets mingle with indigo jasmine blues, as honey amber creams trickle through cracks in rocks, accentuated by tiger bronze starbursts and lichen rust browns.” Read the entire piece as a MedicineCrow member…

David has the uncanny ability to use the written word to educate, but not in the typical textbook-like approach filled with bullet points and bold headings. He has a unique skill of wordsmithing that seems to unleash the heart and soul of the subject matter. While writing this post, I am reminded of what David has written over the years; short literary works that have probably been overlooked by far too many while surfing the pages of Floracopeia.com…Beautiful pieces such as, NeroliThe Alchemy of FragranceSavitri,and the list goes on and on.

From Neroli…

“Neroli is the fragrance of orange trees blossoming under the Moroccan and Tunisian sun. It is the fragrance that greets farmers as they begin another spring day of harvesting, gently plucking the tiny golden gems that shine from inside green citrus foliage. Many factors will influence the quality of the neroli oil: each blossom must be plucked when it is just starting to open; the buds must be gathered only on warm sunny days; the flowers cannot be bruised; leaflets and petioles must not be mixed in. By the end of the day, the clothing and weather-aged hands of the dark-skinned harvesters will be saturated with an intoxicating aroma desired by queens and empresses, sheiks and maharajas.”

To me, David is the voice of a movement that is slowly seeping into the awareness of everyday people around the world. He is is not a farmer, but is the voice of small family farmers around the world. Farmers who produce the highest quality food and herbs out of ther love, their labor and their attention to the details that the average person would easily overlook. He does not spend his days distilling essential oils, but has spent a good part of his life giving a voice and a spotlight to the unknown alchemists who produce the finest aromatic treasures on the planet.

David Crow is not your typical business person. He does not have the normal characteristics of a company owner. If you were to run into David, don’t ask for him for his business card (he won’t have one). He may not be able to give you a detailed analysis of Floracopeia’s financial statements…He is closer to a Shaman than a CEO. However, if you have the good fortune to listen to him teach about plants, medicine or alchemy…pay attention, there are gems waiting for you around each sentence he speaks. If you find yourself with his book or writings, slow down for a moment, sit back and enjoy yourself. There is entertainment, education and beauty there that will calm your mind, soothe the soul and inspire your own life’s passions.


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