by Sara Crow, L.Ac.

I’ve been an herbalist for close to 20 years now (omg!) and throughout my journey with plants, I’ve come to understand how certain aspects of plant medicine can be combined and used to target multiple levels of a person. We are holistic beings. When our mind is disturbed, our body is impacted, and vice versa. Likewise, what nourishes our spirit nurtures our body and mind.

I have a special connection and relationship to the flowering plants in particular. Therapeutically, flowers can be used to improve the quality of our life on every level.  Historically, flowers have been used as medicine for a variety of purposes. For example, throughout time traditional folk medicine has used flowers to stop bleeding, stimulate tissue healing, restore reproductive health, aid immunity and nourish better sleep. When specially prepared, flowers not only engender physical healing but also support a clear mind, encourage a healthy emotional reality, and can stimulate spiritual growth. Flowers, specifically flower essences, excel at addressing ailments of the soul and psyche.

What is a FlorAlchemy™ Flower Essence Tincture and why is it important?

In this day and age, we need advanced methods for creating health and balance. Many are deeply challenged on multiple levels and need support. A Flower Essence Tincture is a way of targeting several levels of health simultaneously to stimulate powerful change within the body, mind. and soul.

Each FlorAlchemy elixir is a unique synergy of multiple layers of concentration: flower essences, full spectrum alcohol extracts of flowers (tincture), and floral essential oils. The floral components are always the highest quality: biodynamic, wildcrafted, and/or organic.

In case you haven’t had the good fortune of being introduced to flower essences, they are distinct from aromatic essential oils produced through distillation. A flower essence is an odorless bioenergetic preparation of a blossom that works directly on our energetic system, such as the acupuncture meridians, to activate healing. Many of the flower essences are handcrafted from wildflowers that come from ecologically pure and intact environments, such as the remote corners of Iceland, to ensure the floral potency and key energetics we crave.

On the other hand, our floral tinctures use organic alcohol to extract a full range of healing constituents from fresh biodynamic blossoms such as passionflower and rose. Each FET formula is meticulously crafted and alchemized to reveal various dimensions of healing power. A unique and potent dynamic emerges that enables us to better target multiple aspects of ourselves for more effective healing.

The bioactive flower tincture acts as an opening agent and anchor for the more ethereal energies of the flower essence. In my mind, the FlorAlchemy FETs serve as an important bridge for the ‘heavenly’ or ‘ethereal’ energies of a flower to more fully access our physical body. Likewise, the flower essence enhances the floral tincture and the essential oil component by contributing another important therapeutic dimension. Each layer of floral concentration enhances the other and works synergistically to transform and heal us on multiple levels.

This type of product is great for people who would like to receive the therapeutic benefits of flower essences in a more sensory-type elixir (also consider the Misting Potions). For example, the Rose tincture smells and tastes so beautiful – like roses!   

Our Icelandic wildflower essences and FETs have a special place in my heart; their beautiful floral energies have positively shifted so many lives!  I am deeply humbled by how much beneficent grace is available to us and our loved ones through the floral kingdom.  

HAWTHORN (new!): Strengthens and nourishes the cardiovascular system, and calms the heart and spirit. It helps the heart to feel safe and gently transforms emotional pain to create more space for love and connection. It opens and removes constriction within the chest to increase the healthy flow of heart prana (life force) and offers special medicine to hardened hearts by offering healing to those who consciously or unconsciously guard their heart.

PASSIONFLOWER: Unites passionflower blossoms and wildflower essences to bless us with a calm nervous system, healthier adrenals, and deep delicious sleep! It refreshes our mental outlook, activates spiritual growth, and creates vital clarity and vision needed to better steer our life.

SACRED BASIL (Tulsi): This whole being tonic does it all! It strengthens our mental faculties, aids digestive health, nourishes and calms the nervous system, and profoundly supports the immune system. Psycho-spiritually, it helps us to better know and follow our life purpose and live from soul’s directive.

CALENDULA: A perfect tool to usher in a more empowered and balanced YOU!  It supports healthy communication dynamics to nourish harmonious and empowered relationships with others. This lovely skin-beautifying formula supports liver and digestive health and is especially good for those feeling stagnated, blocked, or sluggish.

LAVENDER: Expert at blanketing the nervous system and mind with soothing comfort, it not only relaxes but offers protection and strength for every body, mind, and spirit. It helps us create healthy, life-affirming boundaries and self-respect.

ROSE: Nourishing, comforting, and healing for our whole body but particularly beneficial to soothe and heal a heavy heart and a disturbed mind. It expertly supports digestive health, nourishes the female reproductive system, and beautifies our largest organ system, the skin.

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  1. Beth Esrey Reply

    I’m looking for some natural treatment for toe nails that have thickened and become discolored. I am not sure there is a fungus per se, but several of my nails have lost their shine and have a grayish cast to them. I rarely use any polish on them, so that’s not the issue. Help? I’ve always thought of the tops of my feet as one of my good features, now….not so much.

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi Beth! Please consider trying our tea tree and cinnamon leaf essential oil diluted in our Tamanu oil. It’s best to apply several times a day with a brush application. All the best!

    • Megan Reply

      Hi Beth, for what it’s worth, I had a big toenail severely infected with a fungus– had to cut half of it away. I incorporated apple cider vinegar into my diet(by way of smoothie or soup, or braised greens) and my nail has made an almost full recovery.

  2. BAO Reply

    How do one use the flower essences?

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi, thanks for your question!
      Internally, several times a day. They can also be apply externally with great results. Please visit each product page for suggestions on how to use.

  3. Debra Hubbs Reply

    Which are better for fighting actual disease (Hashimoto’s & Lyme Disease), the oils or the tinctures? Thank you.

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi, Debra. Thank you so much for reaching out. Unfortunately, due to strict FDA regulations, we are unable to make any medical claims or recommendations. We do recommend seeking out a licensed practitioner who can review your health history and make educated recommendations to you. An example would be a Naturopath, who will have herbal knowledge including essential oils and tinctures. The owner and creator of our entire FlorAlchemy line, Sara Crow is also sometimes available for consultations. She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, holistic health educator and floral essence expert. You can learn more and find contact information at the following page: Sara Crow Consultation Page

  4. Pam @ Nutrition to Heal Yourself Reply

    I bought one of the collections and am curious, can I take several of them a day? Do I need to space them out? Can I take them back-to-back?


    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      You may take as many as you would like at a time!

    • Floracopeia Customer Service Reply

      Hi, Pam. Thank you for your question! All of the Flower Essence products are designed to have subtle, yet powerful effects, individually. The tinctures are specially formulated with different ingredients that represent the wide spectrum of botanical wisdom. Our bodies and energy fields will take what they need from these flower essence products and there are no side effects. This means that we can play around and try different products at different times (or simultaneously) without concern. Our suggestion is to find one or two products that call to you directly. Start with those, and after a couple weeks, you can start to introduce others if you feel the need. You really can’t go wrong! To view our different Flower Essence Tincture pages for more info, please visit the following link: link to

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