This winter, we’ve put together a gift guide of our favorite earthy scents and no-nonsense self-care products for the special masculine person in your life. Ideal for adventures through snow-laden woods and clear starry nights.

Pure Space Misting Potion
An aromatic cascade of sacred wood and flowers to purify, center, and inspire. Perfect for use as a clearing spray or facial toner.

Frankincense Hydrosol
A refreshingly sweet woody mist. Ideal for spritzing the face as an aftershave or for a meditative moment.

Mouth Rescue: Daily Dental Serum and Oil Pulling Treatment
This powerful blend of neem, coconut, and essential oils will become your favorite part of your daily oral care routine. Oil pulling promotes gum and tooth wellness for a strong, healthy smile.

Nectar of Immortelle
Deeply nourishing for the skin and with a subtle yet complex fragrance, a few drops will rejuvenate and nurture your face or beard.

Elegante Ceramic Ultrasonic Diffuser
This understated diffuser is sleek and minimalist. Perfect for diffusing piney conifers, grounding woods, and clean citrus scents.

Sandalwood Incense
Ethically harvested sandalwood chips from the Vanuatu Archipelago. These heartwood chips contain the enlightening, centering essential oils of sandalwood and fill any space with sacred wood notes.

Breathe Essential Oil Blend
A powerful mix of trees and herbs, this essential oil blend is ideal for your diffuser or direct palm inhalation. Harness the clear, confident nature of the forest with this special blend for deep breath and a steady mind.

Muscles Essential Oil Blend Roll-On
Perfect for the end of a long day hiking in the snow or sledding with the kids. Wintergreen and helichrysum soothe the overworked body and calm the nerves.  

Agarwood Attar Roll-On
This robust, earthy roll-on scent blends mystic sandalwood and precious agarwood. Profoundly meditative while enhancing mental clarity and purpose, this artisan crafted botanical cologne will become a staple in your toolbelt.


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