Flower Essences are bioenergetic imprints of a flower that work on energy pathways, such as the acupuncture meridians, to heal body, mind, and spirit. They aid whole body health, emotional healing, and personal growth.

In Sara Crow L.Ac.’s peer-reviewed article Dew, she explores the relationship between dew and flower essences:

According to ancient philosophers and numerous traditions, dew represents the Universal Spirit in condensed form, and an alchemical elixir of life that appears out of the vastness of the calm, clear, night sky to offer nourishment and regenerative power. This condensed form of universal prana or life force is thought to carry information about the environment and surrounding ecosystem, including influences of the sun and moon, planetary configurations and especially of the plant or flower on which it condenses.

Modern research is exploring the possibility that water may have the ability to be imprinted with different patterns of information contained in its environment. In this context, dew can be described as the alchemical mixing of universal, environmental and floral energies taking place within the vessel of the flower or plant. The flower receives and holds the water that appears during condensation of dew which contains the influences of the environment, and imprints it with its own information.

Flowers are the crowning achievement of the plant kingdom, the site of pollination and reproduction, and therefore contain highly concentrated life-force energies. When dew forms on flowers it is imbued with those energies, which give it unique qualities that can be used for healing purposes…


Flower essences can:

- Help us access our authentic voice and wisdom

- Encourage a healthy sense of self and self-regard

- Deepen compassion and love

- Some directly improve skin quality by nourishing skin health

In addition to being a flower essence practitioner with over 20 years of clinical experience, Sara Crow is also the creator of Floracopeia’s skincare line. Her years of study and practice with clients instilled in her a reverence for the true meaning of inner and outer beauty.

Holding this holistic philosophy of beauty and health, she set out to create a new kind of product—one that integrates aromatherapy, transformational skincare, and floral essences for mind, body, and spirit. She often integrates flower essences into Floracopeia’s botanical skincare formulations in order to deeply nourish and enhance whole being radiance.

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