Flower Essences: Doorway to the Heart

When we think of love, we often tend to think of attraction, couples, and romance. Although nothing is necessarily wrong with this approach, I feel that as a society we are missing an opportunity to focus on a greater truth about Love and go deeper into the heart of it.

I am not referring to romantic love exclusively but more of a universal love or inclusive love filled with compassion for ourselves, Mother Earth, plants, animals, fellow souls and gratitude for all of life, even the aspects that challenge us.

The simple truth about Love is that…

~ You have access to it all the time, in every moment
~ You don’t need an outside person or thing to experience it
~ It is your essential nature

Given all of this, why then is it difficult for so many people to FEEL it or BE in it?  This is where flower essences come in.

I invite you to embark on a journey into the heart with flower essences as your well-appointed guide. Flower essences are bio-energetic preparations of flowers that act as agents of transformation used to experience more love and depth in our lives.




FlorAlchemy’s Rose Flower Essence Tincture is a special preparation of flowers that can show you how to experience a fuller, more open heart.  It encourages greater love, appreciation, and compassion for ourselves and teaches us  how to feel and receive nourishment from within.  It beautifully and gracefully assists with healing of unresolved emotional pain or grief no matter how recent or old. It may produce an expanded perception about yourself and your relationships and maybe most importantly about Love itself, bringing greater clarity to your life.




Another powerful and special offering from FlorAlchemy is the Sacred Basil Tincture (Tulsi). It has a wide range of applications and in regards to Love, it offers a multitude of gifts.  One of the most fascinating aspects of working with the flowers is when they share special information around their unique energetic action. Here’s what Tulsi showed me in regards to its influence on the heart, specifically the sharing of our hearts.

When we meet another in ‘holy communion’, Sacred Basil acts to center and contain the heart for authentic sharing. Over time it works to harmonize heaven and earth, or we could say it harmonizes the lower energy centers with the upper centers, coalescing in the heart. It promotes balanced merging of masculine and feminine forces.

Holy Basil can be very helpful in the area of conscious sexuality or lovemaking because of its ability to harmonize the Heart energies between a couple thus promoting operating as a cohesive unit, aligning and partnering with the Divine.

As Tulsi works with the opening and containing aspects within the heart, the connection we make with another can be in a balanced state of authentic sharing whether it’s a romantic encounter or a platonic friendship.  When we meet another from a balanced, centered place within ourselves we are able to share our hearts equally.  This coalescing and mixing of the various aspects of self within the sacred heart space is the basis for alchemical union.  Sharing our heart with another requires we risk our identity in some ways and open to transformation. Contacting this space of Love and sharing it in a balanced way is the true source of transformational power within a relationship.

Sacred Basil Flower Essence Tincture not only contains the beautiful wisdom of Tulsi but another special plant in the same family (mint or Lamiaceae), Motherwort. The Motherwort flower essence component enters the heart, nurturing, cradling and soothing. Motherwort shows us how to nourish ourselves and from this love-filled space of empowerment extend nurturing to others, free of smothering and neediness. In addition, Motherwort with her evident protective strength supports the delivery of our creations into manifestation wholeheartedly.




Lastly, several brilliant flowers shine in our final formulation honoring Love:

Our Calendula Flower Essence Tincture, a deeply empowering formula can be used to not only strengthen the relationship we have with ourselves but improves our relationships with others through its ability to assist with centered receptivity. There is a beautiful and important synergy between the Calendula and Rose in this formula, increasing our capacity to receive love.  Our formula helps us to really hear and see another, in part through its significant centering, relaxing and grounding qualities.

The extraordinary Immortelle flower offers an invaluable gift of courage, working to remove any fear around expressing ourselves fully, boldly living in the freedom of who we are without restriction.

Reconnect flower essence, featuring Purple Saxifrage from Iceland, is a wonderful catalyst to help us to feel a deeper and greater sense of connection.

Heart Ease containing Icelandic Wild Pansy flower uplifts and makes way for a joyful heart.

Free to Be Me helps us to feel free to be ourselves. It boosts confidence and joy by releasing fear, self-doubt and self-judgment.


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