In this informative video, Sara Crow L.Ac. dives into the uplifting and grounding qualities of our Flower Essence Tinctures, the healing qualities of Rose and the soothing effects of Lavender to the empowerment of Calendula.


  1. Natalie Reply

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Keisha Reply

      Haaahahh. I’m not too bright today. Great post!

  2. Patricia Carroll Reply

    Very helpful… Suggestion regarding more information about the two directions on bottles.
    Is the 2 drops under the tongue as needed during the day???
    How much water to use with the the 30 drops? Is this for sipping during the day?

    • Floracopeia Reply

      Hi Patricia,

      These tinctures are very safe and the dosage is quite flexible. Yes, 2 drops under the tongue ideally 4 times a day is our general recommendation. The amount of water used is flexible, try it in 1/4 cup. One can dose more or less frequently depending on what you are trying to address. Thanks for watching!

  3. Alli Reply

    what if you’ve got a number of things that your trying to address? Anxiety, emotional Trauma, sadness, frustration?

  4. Laura Reply

    Are the products gluten free? Some can be produced with grain alcohol. I can’t have any gluten. Also, cross contamination would be a concern too. Hope they are gluten free. They sound lovely and helpful.

    • Sara Reply

      Hi Laura,

      Correction here, the tinctures in the 1 oz bottle, Rose, Lavender, Sacred Basil, Calendula, and Passionflower are in organic grain alcohol. Although it is grain, most people don’t have reactions to grain alcohol but we completely understand the need to be careful. Many thanks. Sorry for the first incomplete answer!

      • Floracopeia Reply

        We are happy to announce that our entire FlorAlchemy Flower Essence line is Gluten Free.

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