Floracopeia’s Aromatherapy Certification Course


If by chance you haven’t heard, last month we announced what is probably the most significant education-based development in Floracopeia’s history. Aromatherapy expert, senior teacher and former NAHA president, Jade Shutes, collaborated with Floracopeia’s founding visionary, David Crow, to create the official Floracopeia Aromatherapy Foundations Certification Course.

In honor of the innaugural launch for the course (which can be taken in a distance learning format and/or live retreat), we are offering the course at an unprecedented price….really, you have to hear about it to believe it.

There are many aromatherapy certificate courses you can choose from, but none with that Floracopeia hummingbird seal…until now. Not only is this a comprehensive aromatherapy and essential oil certification course and an educational experience of the highest caliber, it integrates the profound and timeless teachings of Ayurveda and the writings, work and research of David Crow.

You can take the course at your own pace from your own home….and for those of you who purchase the course now, you can join us for the live version of the course that David and Jade will be teaching this September at no extra charge. All you have to do is cover your travel expenses, food and lodging.

Learn More: Floracopeia’s Aromatherapy Foundations Course 

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