Give your vibe an overhaul and a full-being makeover with botanicals for your best life. It’s tough enough out there, get with your plant allies and be the master of your own destiny! Check out these new kits from David Crow, made in collaboration with the geniuses at Five Flavor Herbs, to improve life as you know it. 


Sleep Kit

Easy to bed and restful once you’re there. Restorative sleep is foundational to quality of life. This kit includes Sweet Dreams Herbal Tincture for internal use and Relax Essential Oil Blend for setting the atmosphere. Pairs perfectly with fresh sheets, dark nights, and early bedtimes. 


Moon Balance Kit

Feelings of ease and comfort from menses through menopause. Balance the body and awaken sensuality for feelings of radiant wellness. This kit includes New Moon Herbal Tincture for internal use and Female Balance Essential Oil Blend for topical, bath, and diffuser applications. Pairs perfectly with red raspberry leaf tea and a long soak. 


Joy Kit

Up your daily smile-factor. Botanicals for joy, ease, and vitality give a positive boost to your day-to-day life. Features an exclusive new essential oil, Shine Blend, and Elation Herbal Tincture for outer and inner applications, respectively. Pairs perfectly with fresh squeezed juice, morning yoga, and gratitude journaling.


Clear Focus Kit

Mind-supporting botanicals for mental clarity and productive endeavors. This kit includes Clarity Herbal Tincture for internal application and Focus Essential Oil Blend for the diffuser or direct palm inhalation. Pairs perfectly with big goals, bright futures, and inspired daydreaming! 


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