Date(s) - April 13, 2012 - April 15, 2012
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Join David Crow for two events at Sapphire Day Spa, Victoria, BC.

Friday, 7 – 10pm & Saturday, 10am – 6pm: Pharmacy of Flowers: A Sensual Journey Through The World of Aromatic Plants

Join us for an olfactory feast featuring some of the world’s most exotic, rare, and precious essential oils, including various types of roses, jasmines, lotuses, orange blossom, agarwood, sandalwood, champaca, and many others. This is a comprehensive introduction to aromatic plants and essential oils, with special emphasis on the benefits of fragrance in daily life and the use of essential oils for enhancing health and happiness.


Sunday, 10am – 6pm: Contemplative Aromatherapy

Contemplative Aromatherapy” is an experiential approach to studying essential oils and their effects on body and mind using a combination of classical Buddhist meditation methods and Ayurvedic medical philosophy.

There are two basic ways to use essential oils with meditation practice. The first is to use oils to enhance meditative states, and the second is to use meditation to study the oils. In this program we use both these approaches, both separately and together.

Because of the links among olfaction, the limbic system and awareness, when botanical aromatics are used consciously and deliberately to support meditation practice their effects become more powerful. Likewise, deep contemplation reveals the presence of the plant consciousness that is responsible for creating the aromatic compounds.

By studying essential oils in this contemplative way, we learn how they can transform consciousness and benefit emotional and spiritual wellbeing, enhance and deepen our awareness of the body/mind relationship, help us recognize the hidden dimensions of intelligence within the plants, and increase sensitivity to our biological unity with all beings.


Cost: Friday evening: $35; Saturday: $125; Sunday: $125; Weekend pass for all three events: $225

Location: Sapphire Day Spa

714 View Street, Victoria, B.C.

Contact: Heidi Sherwood; Phone: 250-385-6676; Toll Free: 888-385-6676

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