Date(s) - March 26, 2011 - March 27, 2011
All Day



The Feast of Nectars: Nourishing the body and spirit with sweet foods, herbs, and fragrances.

Join us for a weekend of tasting, smelling and studying the essences of sweetness that rejuvenate the body, strengthen vitality and uplift the heart.

Milk, honeys, and cacao; tropical fruits, ancient grains and edible flowers; oils of roses, jasmines and plumeria; elixirs and syrups of tonifying herbs: these are a few of the subjects that we will study using the concepts of Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines and explore using sensory enjoyment and contemplation.

What foods, herbs and essential oils nourish the organs and tissues most effectively? What terrestrial and cosmological elements and energies do these forms of nutrition carry, and how do the body and mind assimilate them? How can these nutrients and medicines strengthen our immunity, increase our stamina, slow our aging, and enhance our mental capacities? These and other important subjects will be revealed at the Feast of Nectars.


Contact: Judy Godec
Phone 303-548-1998,

Location: 2119 Mapleton ave., Boulder, CO 80304


Cost $200

A limited number of full and partial scholarships will be available for this event.

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