Date(s) - March 2, 2011
6:00 pm



Richo Cech: Planting Time
When: Wednesday March 2nd, 2011, 6pm PST

Where: The MedicineCrow Webcast Page or from your phone

Richo will give a fertile overview of planting methods for medicinal herb seeds. The vast majority of medicinal herbs were originally derived from the wild, and are thus predisposed to require natural conditions (cold conditioning, scarification, leaching, temperature oscillation) before germination is possible. Small seeds, seeds with impermeable seed coats, short-lived seeds, and seeds that take on dormancy once dried can all be challenging to germinate and grow, unless of course the gardener knows how to take advantage of the seasons. There are also some good tricks that can be employed to speed the germination process. Richo will elucidate all of this, and will be open to your questions about specific methodologies and specific species.

Who knows where all this will go?  All we can hope is that we all end up in the garden!

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