Date(s) - March 24, 2013
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The Medicinal Uses of Essential Oils

Explore the basics of aromatherapy, the biology of flowers and the science of fragrance. Topics include:

• How essential oils work–their absorption and effects on the glandular, respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems

• How to use them safely and effectively

• How to create a home pharmacy of important essential oils and how to use them to calm the mind and body and enhance meditation.

• Learn about:

  • Sacred scents such as frankincense and palo santo
  • Floral relaxants such lavender and geranium
  • Medicinal florals such as helichrysum and chamomile
  • Antimicrobials such as tea tree
  • Respiratory/immune enhancing oils such as conifers and eucalyptus
  • Medicinal grasses such as lemongrass
  • Attars and exotic flower preparations such as rose and jasmine

Sara Crow will introduce the profound benefits of flower essence use including Floracopeia’s new flower essence line, FlorAlchemy.

Location: Gathering Thyme Apothecary

226 Sir Francis Drake Blvd

San Anselmo, CA


Cost: $85

Contact: Cheryl,; 415-524-8693

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