Date(s) - September 18, 2013 - September 22, 2013
12:00 am


Listening to the Heart

An Intensive Meditation Retreat With David Crow

In every moment of life the heart is beating. Its pulsation is the current that awakens our senses, body and mind; its rhythm flows beneath every state of consciousness through waking, sleeping and dreaming.

Many teachings are found in the world’s spiritual traditions about the heart and its subtle mysteries, but the greatest mystery is this: why do we rarely listen directly to its voice?

Join David Crow for a unique and memorable meditation retreat, devoted entirely to simply listening to the heartbeat and the profound truths it reveals.

Within the heartbeat are great revelations and discoveries about the nature of our human life: our purpose and destiny, our impermanence and immortality, our interconnectedness to others, our place in a pulsating universe, our elemental and energetic essence, our ineffable true identity.

This retreat is for those who wish to sincerely look deeply and honestly into the living power that animates all existence. Like other intensive meditation retreats of various traditions it requires patience, diligence, concentration and equanimity; unlike many traditional practices, there are no cultural or religious forms or appearances; it is simply mindfulness of the heart that leads to intimate self-knowledge.

Date: Wednesday Sept. 18 – Sunday Sept. 22

Location: Shady Creek Retreat Center, Nevada City, CA

Cost: $450 to cover meals and lodging: three healthy and delicious meals per day, and dormitory style rooms.

For more information contact the Floracopeia office: 866-417-1149, ext. 2;

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